Why Did I Write the Book?
  First and foremost, I wanted to honor the memory of my daughter, Lisa. She helped many people in sobriety when she herself was in recovery for three years. Today, Lisa's story continues to help many in recovery. It is my hope that readers will understand the reasons behind addiction and the risks involved with continued substance abuse.

  Lisa thought she could do it differently and decided to pick-up and use again when she turned twenty-one. My book explores this "greatest myth" and how it results in relapse and possible tragedy...a tragedy that can be avoided. Lisa would still be here today if she hadn't believed the greatest "myth". This book will save lives!

  Secondly, with over forty years of sobriety, I feel compelled to impart my experience, strength and hope. The gift of sobriety was given to me by others. In order to keep my sobriety, I have to spread the message of hope to others so that they too will see the benefits of a sober life free of all drugs.

  During this terrible pandemic, addiction is on the rise. As we protect ourselves from the virus, we also need to protect ourselves from the tragic results of addiction. Lisa's Light will inspire hope for recovery!
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Gary Stoefen, Author