Hello my name is Jennifer Stoefen. I am a member of the substance abuse summit youth workgroup.

The only times I have been offered alcohol is by someone older than me, whether at a friends house by their parents, or at a party hosted by people over the age of 21.

The blonde guy in the clip said that he didn’t have a problem with teens drinking if they don’t drive, but alcohol affects more than just your driving abilities. I’ve been to a few parties where alcohol was offered and accepted by most of the underage people there. Trust me driving is not the only issue. People do things they wouldn’t normally do if they were sober. Not to mention they don’t think clearly either and even if they intended to not drive they could change their mind while under the influence.

When parents let their kids drink at home because they feel it would be safer, I would say they’re wrong. If a teen thinks their parents are cool with them drinking at home, chances are that kid drinks some where else as well.

An ordinance that holds adults liable for furnishing alcohol would be great because it shows adults that what they are doing is wrong, if they don’t already know it. Adults shouldn’t give a deadly substance to a teen and they also have no right to give someone else’s kid alcohol.

This ordinance would be great for all of San Diego because underage drinking is a problem everywhere you go. For this to really work it would need to be enforced and not just put aside

Society likes to put all the blame on teenagers, but when a parent or an older friend is providing the beer how can a teen see what’s wrong with drinking that beer. To fix a problem you need to find the source…in most cases the source of this problem is an adult.