Revolutions (Revelations)
--Lisa Stoefen

With wonders of all that is to come
we seek out to find justice
Some already know, Some think they know
yet those who discretely keep their silence
bound within their hearts are wisest
Through fear we find ourselves true
yet some do not know the meaning of it
Foolishly believing they are strong
knowing they are false
wickedly blind and trapped in darkness
accusing greatness the beast of the lion
not realizing it is a graceful doe
Their hard hearts deceive themselves
and innocent others
Through this is the fear they've come to know
And they flourish in it
I warn you not tread these darkened paths
And hide in shame with toughened false pride
Your boasting sickens me!!
It is not all too late today to repent
yet know that He is coming soon and
justice will prevail!!!

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