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Lisa’s Light Book Synopsis
Lisa was a bright, beautiful young girl who had all the potential and creativity to be happy and successful. She also had a disease of addiction.

Introduced to alcohol at the age of fourteen, Lisa slipped into a world of drug and alcohol abuse which resulted in an impending, horrific outcome. Her struggles, triumphs and tragedies are all chronicled in this heartfelt story.

Lisa’s Light is for anyone that wants to better understand this disease of addiction. For those in recovery, her story is a testament to the seriousness and devastation of a disease that is cunning, baffling, and powerful. It’s a disease that never takes a rest.

Her father, a recovering alcoholic with over forty years of continuous sobriety, writes candidly about his daughter’s recovery and the fatal mistake that led to her untimely death. He shares his knowledge about recovery and the greatest myth associated with this disease. Growing up in a family pre-disposed to alcoholism and clinical depression, he was able to break the cycle of addiction

He shares his personal family history and what was needed to achieve a happier, sober lifestyle. Exploring the “alcoholic personality”, he offers his insight into what can be done to seek sobriety and stay in recovery.

Lisa’s Light will inform and inspire others to seek a better life free from addiction. Readers will better understand the complexities of this disease and the dire consequences by not taking the disease seriously.
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