A Special Tribute
This picture is of my wife's sister, Annie Lane, and my daughter Lisa. Tragically, Annie Lane died less than four months before Lisa. We discovered this picture while going thru Lisa's wrecked car looking for personal belongings. They both shared similiar qualities -- sweetness, kindness, and caring for others in so many ways. The halo you see around them is an actual part of the picture when they were both standing in front of a mirror when the flash went off. And now in heaven, they both continue to share that halo together.

At Annie Lane's memorial service, Lisa had written and recited this special poem....

Forever Loved

As the sun seems to set
On a cool sandy beach
I will forever remember you
As the snows seems to fall
like flakes drifting in the wind
I will always remember you
An angel appears in the darkness
Glistening in the light that
seems to be forgotten
But it's not forgotten, it's forgiven
I smile at you and I will remember
the good times we shared
The times you cared
The kindness you've beared
You lifted love forever into a shining hope
within me
And spotted faith
once more when desperate
cries unleashed me
I miss the joy your presence left when
you came near
So as I sit
and think of you I shed a tear
but don't you worry, your purity has
left me love
Forever I will remember you
in heaven up above

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