The Nightmare that Won't Go Away

It took several weeks after Lisa's crash before I could put these pictures up. My wife and I took these pictures and my other two daughters were there helping us collect belongings. I still get sick to my stomach everytime we see them but feel that these need to be shown to hopefully prevent this tragedy from happening to others. The photos reflect the physical horror and devastation of an alcohol-related car crash.

These are pictures of Lisa's car at the tow yard just a few days after the crash. As you can see, only a third of the car is left. Everything had been left in the car exactly as it was. We were given gloves to avoid getting cut from the twisted debris and glass. We were able to find pictures, clothes, books and other keepsakes that would have otherwise been thrown away. Her CD collection, all in a hard plastic case, had virtually disintegrated from the impact of the crash. The glove compartment had been wedged beneath the passenger seat.

A side view tells the story even further showing an open package of Miller Genuine Draft beer still left in the backseat.

The devastation and loss of our sweet, loving daughter is a picture that reflects a soul who was taken too early. A beautiful soul who got caught up in the disease of alcoholism. Lisa made a terrible choice by taking that first drink and driving under the influence. Fortunately, noone else was killed or maimed for life. Lisa crashed only a few blocks away from home and never made it back.

The messages are very clear and ones that we've heard many times. They can never be understated -- don't drink and drive -- friends don't let friends drive drunk -- and for recovering alcoholics -- don't take that first drink.

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