"Lisa's Light"
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Lisa Stoefen was a bright, beautiful young girl who had all the potential and creativity to be happy and successful. She also had the disease of addiction.

Introduced to alcohol at the age of fourteen, Lisa slipped into a world of addiction and ultimate tragedy. Her struggles and triumphs over addiction are chronicled in this heartfelt story, Lisa's Light.

Her father, Gary Stoefen, a recovering alcoholic with over forty years of continuous sobriety, writes candidly about his daughter’s recovery and the fatal mistake that lead to her untimely death. He shares his knowledge about recovery and the greatest myth associated with this disease.

Growing up in a family pre-disposed to alcoholism, Gary was able to break the cycle of addiction at the age of twenty-eight. He offers his insight and experience battling this disease. The “alcoholic personality” is explored in great detail. Gary offers invaluable advice as to what needs to be done to stay sober, a day at a time.

Lisa’s Light is for anyone that wants to better understand this disease of addiction. For those in recovery, her story is a testament to the seriousness and devastation of a disease that is cunning, baffling, and powerful. It’s a disease that never "takes a rest".

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