Figment of the Imagination
--Lisa Stoefen

With the bright wings of life we always fly
Falling down through depths of wondrous sky
A mysterious shadow lurks behind closed minds
chasing the roughened dirt path it never
seems to find
I fainted once but realized that I dream
and to myself believing rainbows beam
Who came across a fathomed tattered
broken pane
A window shattered life seems so insane
As torn up trembling hearts we do recall
Are brought upon this earth to one and all
A color too intense to gaze with force
But dimly blinds us all with its wicked source
We cry but noone seems to hear our blab
A shining gorgeous earth we've turned to drab
Since love is good and should always
make you glad
How come everythime I fall, I get so sad?
I'm a figment of my imagination
So what are you doing here?

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